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So I’m thinking of holding a contest…

Not a big one but to have some fun and find some true Rushers and true Victorious fans. :) I have to extra pictures that were used for Worldwide Day of Play signing. Big Time Rush and Victorious sadly could not sign because of time scheduling. So took a few extra photos and they have no place in my room :( They are not poster sized or anything just normal 8.2x11. They are really nice though!

So what I want is for Rushers and Victorious fans to send me messages in my ask as to why their either ones biggest fan! Be creative and have fun! The contest will be running from Today until Saturday ,October 22nd. So it’s not a big one but if this goes well i do a bigger one later in the month! :D

*****I’ll ship it to anywhere in the U.S and possibly U.K

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Big Time Rush, Avan Jogia and More at Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play!

 (You only see Jerry in the background)


Victoria and her ustream party guests: Erin Sanders, Colton Haynes, Drake Bell, Leon Thomas III, Avan Jogia, Osric Chau 

Avan and Liz!!

Avan and Liz!!