1D are my life <33 No one will ever understand how much they have changed my life completely. I will forever be grateful for them, Directioner forever :D @davina_resto 1D blog since 2010

Amy ( Larry-Stylins0n) and I  are doing a Big Time Rush poster giveaway! :D


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  • Ends February 6th Monday at 3PM Est
  • Will ship worldwide! :D xx

GOOD LUCK ! :D **Will be choosing randomly**

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Big Time Rush did so good on the National Anthem :DD

And the winner of the BTR giveaway is……….

http://valleybug.tumblr.com/ ! :D

Congratulations on winning! And to those who entered. i will be doing alot more contests :D so don’t fret

and oh p.s. I had to pick people about 3 times because you guys didn’t do what you were suppose to :( sorry!

Just got home from school :) going to puck a giveaway winner later :)

So if you havent entered the BTR giveaway yet, do so :)

if you haven’t a;ready don’t forget to enter my BTR giveaway :D

You can find it here! :D

My mom just saw the MSBWY music video for the first time and she crinkled her face..

And I was just like ” yeah I know… Those whores”

Don’t forget to enter my Big Time Rush give away :D

contest ends November 21st! :D Will ship where ever! 

Contest here ! <33

Any questions ask ! :D

Good morning everyone ! :D

So Im going to start writing a new 1D love story today about Niall :D

If you havent checked out my Zayn one you should and tell me what you think! You can find it here!

and if you haven’t checked out my Louis one you can here!

Also if you have’t entered my Big Time Rush poster giveaway yet, you should! Contest ends November 21st! :D You can find that here ! 

Big Time Rush Poster Giveaway :)

So I have posters I don’t really have room for anymore so I want to give them away! :D

What to do:

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Contest will end November 21st! I will pick a winner using a generator so everyone has a fair chance! Winner will get 3 Big Time Rush posters :) Good Luck!

****sorry for the bad quality photos!

Does anyone know when the tickets for the Albany show goes on sale ??

Please let me know !

I’ve got 1D and BTR are replay right now

And I’m feeling good :D

Everyone who keeps complaining about the album…seriously just stop. If you don’t want to listen to it, DON’T. Stop bitching out the people who want to listen to it. It wasn’t even technically leaked, it was legally released in Germany and someone was nice enough to share with other people who possibly can’t get the CD. So please just stop complaining. And also about the video being ‘leaked’, that wasn’t leaked either. It was played on TeenNick. What’s the difference from watching it today then watching it tomorrow? Nothing but time so please just enjoy everything and if you don’t want to listen or watch just stop complaining………

…and blame Sarah :)

Wait.. So do the VIP tickets go on sale tomorrow ?!?!


Anonymous asked:
"which band do you like more? 1d or btr?"

oy vay….I like both bands! They are both AMAZING bands. I do happen to love 1D a little bit more but that doesn’t mean I don’t love BTR. I’ve been with both bands since the beginning and this tour is just going to make me love each band even more. This stupid fight going on is honestly ridiculous. Directioners are giving Directioners a bad name and Rushers are giving Rushers a bad name. Just be happy and grateful that either one is going on tour! Both bands love their fans immensely and would not want their fan bases acting this way. SO PLEASE LETS ALL JUST STOP THIS. Love is all you need <33333

I don’t like that American Express card holders get first at tickets :(

I don’t think it’s fair