1D are my life <33 No one will ever understand how much they have changed my life completely. I will forever be grateful for them, Directioner forever :D @davina_resto 1D blog since 2010
Honestly im done with this crap. Im going to go to the concert March 9th and have the best time of my life because I get to see my idols. I refuse to stoop to anyone’s level and be a mean person because that is not what One Direction is about

So NY/La can hate Dallas but I’m done with it all. I will say though that Dallas has some of the meanest girls I’ve ever met and some of them surprised me because I thought they were actually nice but jokes on me. 

Forever mentally living in the UK because everyone seems to be nicer there.

Just like to say I am proud of all my Tri-State Directioners ! :D We just got the biggest twitition of all time! :D

We get shit done :)