1D are my life <33 No one will ever understand how much they have changed my life completely. I will forever be grateful for them, Directioner forever :D @davina_resto 1D blog since 2010
I don’t like that American Express card holders get first at tickets :(

I don’t think it’s fair

Going to the Radio City Music Hall show for 1D and BTR <33333

So excitedd! <33333 I don’t care about VIP (but I hope I can get them!!) , as long as I get to see my two favorite bands on the same night ! <3333

Who’s going to the RCMH show?!

Seriously this 1D and BTR crap is getting ridiculous…

They are both amazing bands, they both have fans across the world . If 1D fans wanna buy tickets just too see 1D , let them! 1D is based in the UK so we, here in America , will ever get to rarely see them. Therefor Directioners will do what they need to to see 1D . I don’t see a problem with that. And if you happen to love both bands, like me, then you’ve got yourself the perfect concert. One that you will not have ruined because people are upset about 1D opening . Viva la 1D

I still don’t know how I feel about 1D touring with BTR in the spring. This should be like my dream concert, my two favorite groups on tour together!? But I just don’t want America to change 1D :(


Omg Kendall in that tight bodily suit


Making my video soon :)

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Im part of Kendall………

gdfgjfcjhsf DEAD.

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Am I the only one not feeling Kendall’s new haircut?

Yeah?….oh. Okay.