1D are my life <33 No one will ever understand how much they have changed my life completely. I will forever be grateful for them, Directioner forever :D @davina_resto 1D blog since 2010

Amy ( Larry-Stylins0n) and I  are doing a Big Time Rush poster giveaway! :D


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  • Ends February 6th Monday at 3PM Est
  • Will ship worldwide! :D xx

GOOD LUCK ! :D **Will be choosing randomly**

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Big Time Rush Poster Giveaway :)

So I have posters I don’t really have room for anymore so I want to give them away! :D

What to do:

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Contest will end November 21st! I will pick a winner using a generator so everyone has a fair chance! Winner will get 3 Big Time Rush posters :) Good Luck!

****sorry for the bad quality photos!

Im part of Kendall………

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Am I the only one not feeling Kendall’s new haircut?

Yeah?….oh. Okay.

Contest Update!

So I realized that im going to be super busy this weekend and won’t be able to pick a winner , so I’m going to pick the winner on Monday :)
For new followers or if you haven’t read it yet. The winner of my contest gets either a Big Time Rush photo used at WWDoP or a Victorious photo used at WWDoP :) what you need to do is send me a message explaining why your a fan of either :D so do it! Have fun!


Hey guys :) so you have 4 more days to enter the contest :) the contest closes Saturday at 12pm est.

If you need the details for the contest check my blog :)
Thank you!

So I’m thinking of holding a contest…

Not a big one but to have some fun and find some true Rushers and true Victorious fans. :) I have to extra pictures that were used for Worldwide Day of Play signing. Big Time Rush and Victorious sadly could not sign because of time scheduling. So took a few extra photos and they have no place in my room :( They are not poster sized or anything just normal 8.2x11. They are really nice though!

So what I want is for Rushers and Victorious fans to send me messages in my ask as to why their either ones biggest fan! Be creative and have fun! The contest will be running from Today until Saturday ,October 22nd. So it’s not a big one but if this goes well i do a bigger one later in the month! :D

*****I’ll ship it to anywhere in the U.S and possibly U.K

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So an Anon asked me a question earlier that kind of got me thinking….

One Direction and Big Time Rush.

An Anon asked which one I liked more. And I had a really difficult time answering. So i put i love them both so much and the same! But if I was honest with myself I have to say one inspires me more then the other. And this doesn’tmean either of the groups are not deserving of the things they got because they are! They both came so far to be where they are now and I just love being here now and being able to watch it all unfold and say “I was there when they became legends”

But One Direction has had to go through so much more to get where they are now. Big Time Rush is amazing and if anyone knows me they know I love my BTR boys just as much as my 1D boys.

But the difference is Big Time Rush had it handed to them sort of. They did have to audition and go through a process but they all had some sort of career background, They didn’t have to go from week to week to week being terrified with the thought of the fact that ‘this night, everything could be all over’One Direction had to sing their hearts out every week to get people to love them, to tell people that they could do it. To tell people to give them a chance. Liam, who never made it to the live show the season of 2008, was brave enough to go try a second time and got a standing ovation from the crowd and Simon Cowell, the judge who told him to comeback in two years. Zayn, who was such a nervous wreck, and scared, is now a so much more open and in my opinion, has become 100x better then their first song as One Direction. Harry, who some were a little bit doubtful about because he was young, as become an icon across the world. Niall auditioned with such confidence but was given negative feed back and almost didn’t make it , but look at him now, known as the fun, charismatic member of the group. Louis….Louis is just perfect

Point being that both groups are my absolute favorite in the whole entire world and Big Time Rush deserves every little thing they have gotten, they as well have come so far from their pilot episode, but 1D are truly a group of inspiring people :)

And please do not take this in a negative way at all because I’m not trying to make it seem that way . Both groups are amazing, both groups are inspiring and both groups will go far. Okay?

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Looking back at my WWDoP pictures are killing me :( but I miss them

Looking back at my WWDoP pictures are killing me :( but I miss them

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mama schmidt, not right now please.

I can’t , why,…. Okay I’m crying now. Too soon… Too soon mama Schmidt .

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