1D are my life <33 No one will ever understand how much they have changed my life completely. I will forever be grateful for them, Directioner forever :D @davina_resto 1D blog since 2010

Hey guys! Can you please some questions to Amy and I :D We want to do a Q&A video! we’ll promo anyone who asks questions about

  • 1D
  • The Wanted
  • LIFE!!

:D we would really appreciate it! <3333

Hey guys Im still taking questions! :D if i don’t get enough questions i can’t do a good video and I really want to show you all my (terrible) british accent that I can do! haha

I am giving everyone who asks me a question a promo and shout out! :D <33

Ask me anything! From:

  • 1D
  • TW
  • Music
  • LIFE

Please do this, it means alot to me :D I don’t bite <3

Guise..I got off Tumblr for a little and …I didn’t know what to do with myself…

is that bad? I almost broke down LOL

Making my video soon :)

If you want a shout out like this :D and ask me questions :D I don’t have a lot right now so please keep them coming! They can be about anything :D and ALSO send me ‘JB’ if you want to to be in the DM on twitter I’m going to send him
****picture for proof :)

I’m going to make a video later :D message me if you want a shoutout or have questions :D

Please please give me load of questions ! :D

So my friend at school the other day was seriously being mean to me because I told her I love helping people . And how nothing else makes me happier then to see someone being happy…. She completely mocked me an I never felt more like shit ever.

I’m a witch…. Ah the feeling of saying it

❝Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.❞
(Benjamin Spock (via pinkbubblemonster))


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