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One shot for Ko ! :D

I couldn’t have been more ready for this week to start! The mates and I have been touring for way to long and this was exactly what I needed….time to spend with her. I think this was actually the only thing I vividly remember about the NA Tour, meeting Ko. It’s weird because there was just something about her that set her apart from every other girl there. Her smile practically lit up the room and every time she smiled my way, the feeling I’d get I couldn’t explain. 

So I made it my mission to get to know her……and well now? She’s mine.

I obviously couldn’t stay in Canada for ever, which is where we were at the time, but we skyped almost every night and there wasn’t a day that went by when she wasn’t on my mind. 

"Right than Harry let’s go!" Louis shouted from downstairs. 


The boys and I were going on vacation to St. Martin island in the Caribbean and Ko and a friend of hers were coming along, I’d see her at the airport on the island. I really couldn’t wait that long…..this was going to be a big day.


What had my life become?! I was ready to leave on a weeks long trip..with no parents…..to an island….with HARRY STYLES. My life was no longer the same the day Harry approached me but I definitely wasn’t complaining. 

"Okay Koatha. Now make sure you call us as soon as you land okay? And if you want to come home early just let us know and we’ll buy you a plane ticket back okay?" I laughed at my moms ranting. She was more nervous than I was!

"Mom! I’ll be fine I promise! Krystal and I will BOTH call you when we land okay?" I squeezed her hands trying to reassure her.

"Flight 969 to St.Martin’s now boarding "

"Ah mom that’s me! I have to go!" I gave my mom the biggest hug and then Krystal and I were off to board our plane. 

The butterflies in my stomach were now here …..this was going to be a long flight.

4-1/2 hours later.

Okay so I was right. That was the longest plane ride ever! Krystal somehow slept the whole way while I could barely stay in my seat. The plane landed and we were just waiting to be let off. I didn’t know what I wanted to do first to be honest, should I find Harry?  Or just go get my stuff?

AHH! My brain was on meltdown mode.

"Ko! Breathe and relax! You’re like a little puppy on crack." Krystal said laughing at me.

"What even?! I’m nervous as hell! What if he ends up not liking me anymore? Or like he thinks I’m ugly and he realizes that it was only the canadian air? OR MAYBE-"

"KO! SHUT UP, he is going to love you! Stop being so dramatic. Sheesh."

She was right.

He wouldn’t invite me to a paid for trip to St. Martin if he wasn’t atleast a little interested.

We all started slowly shuffling off the plane.

"Thank you for flying with us, we hope you enjoy your vacation."

"Oh, we will." I head Krystal say behind me.

I had to hold back my laugh.

We were now in the terminal and went straight to our luggage.

"Okay, now we have to find the boys."

I heard Krsytal clear her throat and when I looked up at her she was staring behind me. “Found!” she said laughing.

I turned around to see Harry about 10 feet away from us in a white tux and a bouquet of roses. 

"Oh……my god." I whispered. I just stood there in shock. I think I forgot how to breathe.

Harry’s smile widened as he started to walk towards me. Everyone around us were staring at us. Oh boy.

"Hi." Harry said when he was in front of me. The smile on his face was absolutely the most amazing thing.  

"Hi" I said breathlessly. 

We just stood there silently staring at each, not speaking anything but saying so much. 

Harry suddenly dropped the flowers and put his hands on either side of my face and brought his forehead to mine. “I’ve missed you so much” he said with his eyes closed.

I brought my hands around his neck, “And you think I haven’t?”

He opened his eyes and his lips were suddenly on mine. I could feel the longing and passion in the kiss and I don’t know how I ever doubted his feelings for me.

Everyone around us were cheering and taking pictures.

Harry pulled away from me to look me in the eyes. “I love you Ko.” ……

That was the first time he’s said that to me…and in front of everyone….

Tears started appearing in my eyes, and I smiled as I said “I love you too.”

One shot for Jenna :)

The rumors of the boys walking around New York City was all everyone was tweeting about today. It was complete and utter madness, everyone out and about searching for the boys of One Direction. I was out and about searching for the boys of One Direction. With no luck. I couldn’t believe this, the one chance I get to me them and they are no where to be found! 

"Jenna, this is pointless! We’re running around like headless chickens." My friend Laura said. 

"I’m not leaving. Not until I get at least a glimpse." 

But even I knew this was pointless, I would never get to meet them or even see them. Laura was still looking at me as if I was crazy. 

"Fine! I can’t believe this! 6 hours wasted on absolutely nothing." I said on the verge of crying. I closed my eyes and started to take in deep breaths. I felt Laura’s hand wrap around me.

"Hey, stop." she started to say, "look at me." I looked up at her."You’ll meet them one day, I promise." 

I smiled at her still trying not to burst into tears. “Come on,” she said “let’s get something to eat, we’re in NYC, mine as well make the most of it.” she said smiling at me. 

Laura was honestly an amazing friend. She was always there for me when I needed her. And I’m so thankful that she came up to the city with me. 

We both decided to get some dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I loved the food there and this was definitely going to cheer me up. We got to the restaurant and walked down the stairs and waited to be seated. It wasn’t really packed today and I was happy about that.

"Right this way, just follow me." our waitress said with a smile.  

We sat down at our table and she read off the specials and we ordered our drinks. 

After a few minutes later and  I was getting back to my normal self, Laura and I were cracking jokes and making fun of each other. I almost spit my drink out twice I was laughing so hard. When our food came I was about ready to die of hunger. Being a fan-girl was not an easy job, especially looking all over NYC for people who didn’t want to be caught. 

My plate of food was almost finished when I heard a mix of British accents and one that was slightly off from the rest of them. My heart literally about jumped out of my chest and my fork fell out of my hand.

"Laura…."I said in a whisper.

"What??" she said

I was about to answer her when a group of 5 very good-looking guys turned the came into my sight. 


Laura turned in her chair to look at the spot where I was looking…..and her mouth fell open.

"Is that One fucking Direction?" she asked

I honestly couldn’t speak so I just sat there like a dumbass staring at them. They were all laughing and being seated at a table not too far from me. 

"Laura, holy fuck, i can not believe it. What the- What are they doing here? Omg I don’t know what to do." I had no idea how to handle this situation. They were literally no more than 20 feet away from me and I didn’t know what to do!

"Go say hi!" she said

"I don’t know! Should I?" I really really wanted to go over and say hi, but the were obviously eating dinner and I didn’t want to be rude. But come on! They were right there!

"That is a tuffy. Let’s see, go over and say Hi..orrrr, never meet them again? Wow, how would I chose." Laura said

And I started laughing which momentarily distracted me from the really hot foreign boys.

When I looked back over to their table though, one of them was staring at me, and my heart stopped beating. The feelings that were floating inside me should not have been there. His gaze made me hot but made me feel….at home. His beautiful blue eyes would not stop staring at me, Niall held my gaze until it was too much for me and I looked away.

"I definitely think Niall was having eye sex with you." Laura said.

I barely acknowledged that comment because my mind was swarming with emotions. I was staring at my food when I heard Laura gasp and clearing of the throat.

"Hi." I heard an Irish accent say.

I looked up, and sure enough Niall was standing in front of my table. 

"Uh….hello" I said trying not to faint.  

Niall laughed a little and pulled up a chair to our table. What was he doing?!

I looked over to where the boys were sitting and I saw nothing but confused looks on their faces.

"So…" he said smiling.

"….I’m sorry," I said, "this is just really bizarre for me. I mean, you’re Niall freaking Horan, and you’re sitting at my table..oh my god…..sorry" I decided to shut my mouth. It was not doing me any good.

"Ah, so you do know who I am." his smile was unbelievable.

"I do, yes…not trying to sound rude, but why exactly are you sitting with me?" I asked bluntly.

"Aha, um well honestly-," he started to say before he was cut off by a bunch of fans.

"omg it’s them!","Hi! Louis!","Niall can I have your autograph.""ahhhhhh"

It was complete madness. All these girls came out of no where and were now surrounding my table. Niall had obviously forgotten about me and was tending to the fans. 

One of the girls bump my table really hard and my drink spilled all over me.

"Shit!" I said, the girl didn’t even give me a second look. 

Laura looked at me with a sympathetic face.

"Let’s go" I said.

"Are you sure?"

”..yeah.” I threw some money on the table and we headed off to the bathroom first.

When we got in I went straight to the sink and just started scrubbing at my shirt and pants. 

"Jenna, I’m sorry" I heard Laura say.

"It’s whatever."

"I-" she started but we both knew there was nothing else she could say to make me feel better.

I was actually having a conversation with him and it was ruined, my time with him was ruined. That’s when I started to cry.

"Jenna.." Laura said hugging me. And I just sat there in her arms crying for a good 5 minutes.

I let go of her and looked in the mirror. “Well. At least my make-up is the only thing not ruined.”

Laura took my hand and we walked out of the bathroom. I know I’m in love with One Direction, but when Niall and I locked eyes, I felt so much more, something that I couldn’t even understand. 

We were walking up to the Hard Rock Cafe store when someone pulled me on my arm.

"Hey, wait" Niall said.

I turned to him with eyes that pretty much said everything. “Are you okay?” he asked, he could clearly tell I had been crying. 

"Yep, perfectly fine" I said and I started to turn away.

"I’m sorry," he said, "for what happened back there."

"It’s fine, you’re famous, stuff like that tends to happen."

"Please don’t act like you’re okay, I know you’re not. I can read you better than you think, that’s why I came over." he started, "when I looked at you I didn’t see just some girl. I saw a girl who loves everything and laughs at everything, but isn’t entirely truthful with herself. I saw a girl that I thought ….I could like." he finished

And when he said that the feelings inside me sky rocketed.

"What?" I said dumbfounded.

He started to laugh, “Will you go on a date with me tonight?” Okay, yeah I was definitely losing my mind. 

There was a swarm of people surrounding us, and it looked as if they were all holding their breathe. 

"Um…what?….uh yeah..okay, yeah." I said. Did I just make a date with Niall Horan?

"Good." he said smiling, he took a step towards me, grabbed my hand and then….kissed me. Right in front of everyone. The crowd went up in an uproar. Cheers and laughter were coming form everyone.

He pulled away to lean his forehead onto mine, “Oh, by the way, I’m Niall” he said laughing. “Haha, ..I’m Jenna.”

One shot for mybieberhoranworld I hope you like it! xx

One shot for Sam :)

“Sam! Wake Up!” I heard my mom say to me through my covers, “Jess just called and said she’s coming to get you in 20 minutes!” She ripped my covers off of me and bright light suddenly hit me in my face. 

What a fantastic way to start my morning.

“No mom, please don’t wake me up like a normal mother. Let’s just be insane.” I said to her sitting up in my bed. 

“I tried calling your name about 10 times…..your the little lazy one who didn’t want to wake up.” she said as she kissed my head, “Now get up and get ready. Today starts your big 3 day weekend away from home.”

And suddenly I was feeling better. We didn’t have school today which allowed us to have a 3 day weekend and my bestfriend Jess and I decided to go camping a little up North from here.

This was exactly what I needed, school was really stressing me out and I haven’t gone out for a whole 2 months. I could already smell freedom.

I didn’t really have enough time to really get ready so I just threw on some sweatpants, a hoodie , put my hair up and I was set.

Five minutes later Jess pulled up to my house and I could feel the adrenaline pumping through me. I have absolutely never been this excited for a girls weekend ….EVER! We got my stuff loaded into her car, I said my goodbyes …and we were off.

"So, how excited are you ?!, Is it okay that we take turns driving. Like I drive one hour and you drive the next? Ah I’m so excited!" Jess liked to ramble when she was nervous. So as soon as she started her rambling in the car I knew something was wrong.

"Okay Jess…what did you do?" I said trying to contain my laughter. 

"What would make you think that’s somethings wrong? I’m just really really excited!….Woo!" she said but I wasn’t buying it. I just gave her that look that said "give up, its obvious"

"Gah fine! But please don’t be mad at me…." she said to me and I was suddenly nervous

"Jess, what did you do?" I asked her.

"I didn’t technically do anything but I may or may not have invited  a few people to go camping with us?" she said not looking at me. 

"Jess! Why? What? Why would you do that? Who did you invite???" I could not believe her. If we weren’t doing 50 on a highway i’d totally push her out of the car right now. 

"Well I only invited Kate from Chem-" she started to say until I stopped her

"Wait! Kate as in Kate Davis? As in bitch incarnate? As in WE DON’T GET ALONG? Jess why would you invite her?" I asked her a little beyond upset.

"Sam stop. You just like to think she doesn’t like you. Kate told me herself she has nothing against you" she said

"And you believe her!? Who else did you invite?" I asked

"Well her, Dylan Turner and his friend Louis." she finished

…….okay now I was really pissed.

"Louis? As in Tomlinson?! Okay now i’m going home. I can not believe you invited him. " I said. Louis was one of the boys who didn’t care about anyone but himself and was completely obnoxious. Practically attempted to ruin my life everyday. Kate compared to him was nothing. Yeah my weekend was officially ruined.

"Sam relax. Okay. If you want this to be a fun weekend you can make it a fun weekend. Don’t be a debbie downer love. Besides I know you like Louis. I saw it in your eyes the first day he got here" she said smiling at me. 

"Jess please, get over yourself and this isn’t quite as funny as you think it is. " I told her..but she was right…about the beginning. Not the Louis thing because i didn’t like him…I mean sure he was attractive with really gorgeous eyes and hair that just spelt out sex but um no. i liked my guys matures But I needed to just relax. I’ve been waiting for this weekend for a while and there was no way I was going to let a couple of people ruin that for me. 

"Ah, there’s that famous Sam smile I see" Jess said to me, "I knew you’d come around."

"Yeah whatever," I said laughing,"let’s just hope this weekend lives up to my expectations….they are very high." 

About an hour and a half later we got to the camping site and so far …my expectations were being met. This place was beautiful. It wasn’t like other camping sites at all. Nobody else was really here which was good. More spots to chose from and we could be alot louder. This was going to be perfect.

"Hey guys!" I heard Louis shout…..and there went my perfect fantasy. 

"Hey!, when did you guys get here?" Jess asked him.

"Uh, about 20 minutes ago? I saw you guys pulling up and thought you may need help finding us." he said smiling like he was so proud of himself….chea whatever.

"I think we would have been perfectly capable of finding our way." I said starting to walk ahead. 

"Right," he said, "but we’re this way love." and he started to laugh.

Great. This was just what I wanted. To be the laughing stock of Louis Tomlinson. Fan-freaking-tastic. And the way he called me ‘love’ like we were friends annoyed me. Louis is from the UK and moved here a few months ago but was already more popular then most people.

"Whatever. Let’s just go" I said. Right about now I was hoping for a big mood turnaround. 

But….then I saw Kate….wearing possibly the most sluttiest thing she could have picked out from Victoria Secret.

"Hey Guys!" she said coming towards us, trying not to trip over branches. Louis and I both laughed. Hmm I guess I wasn’t the only person who didn’t like her. 

"Guys." Jess whispered at us, "be nice." and I tried to be quiet. 

"Hey Sam! Slumming it I see? Nice look for you" she said to me in her bitch tone.

"Oh hey Kate! Wanna come help me? I was just about to go look for the rest of your outfit." I said back to her laughing as I was walking towards Dylan and I could hear Louis laughing behind me. 

"I guess you and Kate have already brought out the claws?" Dylan said laughing.

"I don’t understand why Jess even invited her." I said back to him.

"Yanno, neither do I, they never really seemed to be friends. But whatever. Let’s just have a good weekend" he said

"Couldn’t agree with you more."

About 20 minutes later as we were finishing unpacking, I realized we didn’t really have firewood….and we needed to find some before it got dark.

"Jess, I’m going to go look around really quick for some wood. I’ll be back in a little." I yelled to her.

"Okay, hey Louis? Go with Sam, she may look like she knows what shes doing but sometimes I worry for her." she said laughing. GREAT! Louis? Why couldn’t she send Dylan.

"Sure thing, wouldn’t want Sam to get attacked by  a bear and eaten alive, would we? " he said winking at me as he walked ahead.

"Oh we wouldn’t" I heard Kate say.

The trail to find wood was a quiet one, we didn’t say anything to each other and it was a bit awkward. 

Until I finally spoke. 

"So..um..I just want to apologize for being a little rude earlier…." I said.

Louis laughed, “No it’s okay, you and I never really got on really well I guess.”  and I was just about to reply when, me not watching where I was going, slipped and almost rolled down the steepest hill i’ve ever seen….if Louis hadn’t caught me.

"Oh..my god." I said trying to catch my breathe. "That could have been ugly." I said trying to laugh it off. But Louis just kept holding onto me, even when I was fine and up right.

"Are you okay Sam?" he said looking into my eyes. And I suddenly stopped smiling trying to read what was in his eyes. 

"Yeah Louis, I’m fine….you can let me go now. I promise I’m fine." I said to him and he did. And just started to laugh.

"It’s a good thing I have cat like reflexes, that could have been your life." he said smiling.

Was he serious? He was just overly protective of me and now it was a joke to him?

"Yeah, um, let’s just get back to the campsite, we have enough wood I think. " and with that I started to walk back.

Later that night we all sat around the fire telling stories and cooking food, when all of a sudden Kate came out with two bottles of alcohol. 

Wow that didn’t take long. She started to pour some for Jess who took the cup, which was weird because she never drank. And then she gave some to Dylan who took a little, then she poured some for me.

"Uh no thanks…I don’t drink." I said to her.

"What? Are you serious? Too good for the bottle?"she said laughing.

"Yeah come one Sam. Lighten up" Jess said. 

"I said no" I said again.

"Come one sam, ju-"

"She said no." Louis said from across the fire.

My eyes went straight to his and we stayed liked that even as Kate said, “Whoa relax it Lou.” 

"Um.. I’m going to take a walk by the river." I said to them and left the campsite before anyone could protest.

I really needed to sort out what I was feeling right now. Why did he look at me like that? Kind of like…like he liked me? Np, no that was impossible. Louis was one of those perfect guys who only like perfect girls…and then there was me. Not so perfect. 

I was sitting at the river side by myself for a good 10 minutes when I heard a break in the trees. I turned around to see Louis walking towards me.

"Jesus Tommo! Could you have yelled before I had a heart attack?” I said to him

I heard him laughing and I had to admit…I really liked his laugh….it was…perfect. 

He sat right next to me and didn’t say anything. And neither did I. We just sat at the edge of the river just staring at it. As if we were both searching for something. 

I decided to break the silence, “So thank you..for back there, yanno. Coming to my rescue again for me.” I said smiling. 

"You know something Sam," he said, " you see things in black and white. Your scared to ever look past that film of color to search for other colors and see things differently."

I just sat there staring at him not exactly knowing what he just said or what to say.

"Seriously Sam?!, you don’t know?" he said.

"Know what?" I whispered. 

At this he stood up and looked sort of sad. “That I have been in love with you since I got here? That your all I ever think about? Do you really think Jess just randomly invited me?” he kneeled back down to me so we were at eye level. And he was really close. “I’m sorry I seemed to be such an ass, but thats the only way you would ever talk to me. To anyone, is if they were being an ass towards you. You don’t realize how much better you are than that.” 

I could not believe what I was hearing…was he serious? Or was this another one of his jokes? Did…did he like me?

At this thought I started to smile, “You like me?” I whispered and he laughed “Your such an idiot” he said and then he took my face in his hands and kissed me. The kiss….this kiss..was something else. It was magical…it was something I’ve never felt before. He pulled away and looked at me. “I love you Sam. From the first day i saw you I knew you weren’t like others.”

At this I stood up, “so being an ass to me would make me fall in love with you?”

"Sam I knew it wouldn’t, but your so stubborn. You never open those beautiful eyes of yours to see what people are actually feeling. What I was feeling." And after this I kissed him again and we just stayed at the river side for a good few hours just…talking …getting to know each other…slowly falling for him. 

It’s safe to say that the rest of my weekend was amazing, getting to know Louis for who he really was …everything just sort of fell into place. Louis was mine…and I was his.


One shot for foreversomethingbeautiful i will admit that this is not one of my best stories so im really sorry sam! <3333 but i hope you enjoy it!

One shot for Lambert :)

So today was the day. My first day at my new high school and the day I was dreading all summer. This was the biggest move of my life and I still wasn’t sure on how to handle it. 

I’m Lambert, your average teenage girl from New Jersey…..who just moved all the way to Ireland! IRELAND!! Why, you ask? Well you would have to ask my mom that, who loves to make rash decisions. But I honestly couldn’t complain that much, this country is beautiful and we moved to a really pretty town named Mullingar. There was absolutely so much history here and the town was breathtaking.

But I have yet to meet anyone so I was going to into my new school year alone. Which is something the “new comer” never wants to do. And here I was, ready to walk into my new school.

"Come on Lambert, you can do it", I took a deep breathe and went in. I still wasn’t sure on how everything worked but I was guessing everyone was in class because there was nobody in the halls. 

I started walking down the hall and into what seemed to be their main office. 

"Hi." I said to a little old lady at the desk, "I’m new here." I told her as I smiled.

"Ah, you must be Lambert" she said in an Irish accent, "we’ve been expecting you love." and when she said that I relaxed a little bit more…Maybe I could make it here. 

I heard the door behind me swing open and I turned around to see who it was and ….oh yes, I was definitely going to like it here. A boy who was clearly a few inches taller then me walked in and had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. 

He looked at me and I quickly looked away, trying not to embarrass myself on the first day. 

"Ah, Niall. What impeccable timing you have dear," the lady said to him, "Niall this is Lambert," she continued pointing at me, "Lambert this is Niall." 

"Hi." I said quickly looking at him and then looking away. But he must have clearly thought I was an idiot because he didn’t respond. He just stood there staring at me. 

"Right then," the old lady said, breaking the awkward silence, "Niall dear, show her around will ya? Treat her with nice Mullingar hospitality." she said smiling. 

"Will do Miss. Murphy" he finally said. And oh man his voice was beautiful. His accent definitely hit a nerve somewhere and it was weird feeling this way. 

"So Lambert," Niall said turning towards me and offering me his hand, "Shall we?" he asked.

I smiled and gladly took his hand, “Yes we shall.” and then we both laughed. His laugh though…. yeah that was something else. It made me absolutely melt in my shoes and I hope it didn’t show on my face because then he asked, “Are you alright?” 

"Yeah" I said looking down, " just nervous for my first day." 

"Well, I don’t know how much of a ‘first day’ it’s going to be." he said laughing, "the day is practically done."

"What?!", was he serious?, " I mean I know slept in late, but not that late." and to my disbelief he started laughing, and honestly when he laughs you can’t help yourself but to laugh too. "It’s not funny!" I said still laughing. 

 ”I’m sorry but it is, haha. But don’t worry about.” he said and stopped walking. “Here about this, I’ll pick you up later and we’ll head out around town, show you what Mullingar is all about?” he asked me. 

I smiled “I’d like that.” I said. And with that he said goodbye and started to walk away.

"Wait!", I yelled, "don’t you need to know where I live?" 

And without turning around he said, “it’s small town, i’ll find you.” and then he was out the door.

When I got home after that I told my mom about Niall and she was really happy that I found someone to hang out with.

"So is this like a date?" she said wiggling her eyebrows. 

"Mom!, haha no. He’s just showing me around town, being nice." I said smiling. But if I was telling myself the truth. I really wanted it to be a date.

About twenty minutes later there was a knock at my door and I opened it up to find Niall standing there.

"Oh thank god this is you, I’ve been to 20 houses looking for you. Why didn’t you give your address?" he said to me and I just stood there with what was probably a dumbfounded look on my face. Didn’t I ask him about that?

And then he started laughing “I’m kidding love!” he said, “just trying to lighten up the mood.” he said playfully tapping my arm.

I smiled back and put my hand on my head, “I’m sorry, I should have known.” 

"Haha, it’s alright. Let’s go" he said and took me by my hand. And right then we both looked at each other. There was no doubt that something sparked through us….and I was loving the feeling. We both smiled at each other and then I noticed he didn’t have a car. 

"So how are we expecting to get around exactly?" I asked

"It’s not a big town Lambert, I think we’ll manage." he said laughing. And then we were off. 

He took me all over town and showed me some of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. The way the town looked at night left me speechless. I had the best night with Niall and honestly…there was no denying there was something there. 

He brought me at around 10 ‘o’ clock and I was full of Irish culture.

"Thank you again for doing this for me. It means alot. This town is absolutely amazing." I told him

"It was nothing," he said smiling, "I’m just glad I’m the one that got to share it with you." 

A few weeks past and the only person I ever spent time with was Niall. He was becoming something special in my life….I knew my feelings for him weren’t going anywhere but I couldn’t help but feel like it was a one way street. I mean he always offered to hang out with me but he never really made a move. I was beginning to lose hope. 

One day as I was walking home from school with Niall, a boy in one of my classes came up to me. Erin was his name.

"Hey Lambert!..Niall." he said to us. 

"Hi Erin," I said trying to catch my breathe from a joke Niall just told me. "What’s up?" I asked

"Nothing…um so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later? Maybe around 7?" he said to me and this caught me off guard.

"Oh umm…" I started to say and I looked from the corner of my eye to see if I could read something off of Niall’s face but he was just looking straight ahead as if he didn’t care. And this made me so freaking upset. 

"You know what, that sounds great. I’m not doing anything later, so why not?" I said smiling. And this made Erin happy.

"Great, well I’ll come by your house around 7, yeah?" and with that he was off. 

Which just left Niall and I. And..it was a bit awkward.

"Hey um, Lambert….I’m gonna go…I forgot I had something to do at home." he said to me but before I could reply he was gone. Great. This is just what I need. 

As soon as I got home I contemplated on calling off the date with Erin..maybe pretend I was sick. I wasn’t really interested in going out with anyone else but Niall.

But then I remembered that he clearly wasn’t into me. So I stuck with the date.

At 6:00 my doorbell rang and I was confused when I looked at the clock. 

"What the hell?" I whispered to my mom, "Why is he here so early?" I asked as I walked to the door. But when I opened it, it wasn’t Erin at the door…it was Niall….And he looked like shit.

"Niall, um hi,…are you okay?" I asked.

"Yes" he said, "actually no…" and then he walked into my house, grabbed my face and kissed me. We stood there for a minute just kissing until he pulled away. "Lambert..I am so sorry. I’m an idiot, I don’t know why I haven’t told you how I felt before but I’m doing it now..before I lose you." he said." Lambert, I love you." he said

And there I was. Standing there like an idiot…once again… at a lost for words. 

"Lam? This would be a really great time to say you feel at least a little something for me…you know…so I don’t look like an idiot?" he said with a nervous laugh.

"Niall James Horan….I have spent weeks falling for you. Falling in love with you and waiting you for to give me some little hint that you felt the same ..and now? Now you tell me!" I yell at him and he just smiles and grabs my face again and kisses me. 

He pulls apart and leans his forehead on mine.

"Say it again..please" he asks.

"Say what?" I say out of breathe.

"That you love me."

"Niall…I love you." I say to him and he smiles and starts kissing me again….and this is how Erin found us…you can say it was a little awkward. 


One shot for yeahnialler Hope you enjoy! :D xx

One shot for Celine :)

I was probably up to my ears in school work I needed to get done. Couldn’t concentrate for the life of me at home so I decided to step out and try getting some of it done at my local cafe. I seriously loved that place, it was always calm and serene. The perfect place to relax. 

When I got to the cafe, barely anybody was there which was perfect. The less people the better. I took a sit right next to the window and took out my laptop and english work. 

"Okay, let’s see what needs to be done here." and then I started to type away while singing what was probably one of my favorite songs right now, Ed Sheerans’ A-team. 

The cafes’ door rang, someone coming in, which distracted me for a second from the song but then I got back to it. 

"And they say, she’s in the class A team…stuck in her daydream, been this way sin-" I was really into the song when someone cut me off.

"I absolutely love the song" I heard a voice say to me and I look up to see who it is and all of a sudden I’m staring in the world’s most gorgeous eyes ever…probably the world’s most gorgeous guy….and here I am….with my mouth open drooling like an idiot….

"Um..yeah" I smile down at my work "Sheeran is a brilliant artist." I say to him but my voice probably sounds like a nervous wreck to him. And then suddenly he takes a seat right next to me….oh my god…was this real life?

"I’m Harry Styles" he says extending his arm to me and I laugh as I return the gesture "I’m Celine" I said smiling like an idiot.

"You have a really nice smile Celine." he says to me….yeah those words came out of this beautiful boys mouth. I mean he was clearly a pro at flirting but still! 

"Thank you…I- I love your eyes" and then I put my hand over my mouth in horror of what I just said. "Wait. I’m really sorry, haha that was meant for my brain and not your ears." 

But Harry just laughs “It’s okay love, I love yours too” he says just looking at me.

Okay now I knew he was lying because I was wearing my glasses. But I just say “Thank You” and try not to sound like a child. 

"So Celine….do you come here often" he says to me and I can’t help but to burst out laughing. "What?!" he says laughing, "I’m honestly not hitting on you, im just genuinely asking" 

"Okay, okay, I’m sorry," I say catching my breathe and trying not to laugh, "yes Harry, yes I do come here often. But i’m assuming you don’t seeing as you have an accent and all," I say to him.

"You would be correct," he says smiling, "I’m here for a few weeks and could really use some help getting around" and as he says this i’m looking down into my books and trying not to make eye contact so I don’t realize that this was his way of asking me out, so when he doesn’t continue speaking I look up at him, "Um, what I’m sorry. I think I missed the last part" I say and then he starts laughing.

"Celine, here I am trying to properly ask you out on a date and your just destroying my ego" he says laughing.

But I’m too in shock to reply which makes him laugh even more.

"So …do you want to go out with me tonight?" he asks and I’m still too in shock so I just nod my head yes and smile like an idiot. 

He smiles back and then we exhange information.

"Well then Celine, I’ll see you later at 7" he says to me and walks out the door.

…..What. Is. Life.

I’ve just been asked out by Gods hottest creature ..in a coffee shop..by singing a song about a prostitute. 

My head was definitely spinning but I needed to get home and get ready!


It was about 6:40 when my doorbell rang which was the same time I almost pee’d my pants. I wasn’t ready for this….I barely ever go out, let alone with guys! But whatever he was here now and I couldn’t back down. He didn’t exactly say where we were going so I just dressed casually with skinny jeans, a gray shirt with a brown scarf and brown shoes. 

I opened the door to Harry who just smiled at me and didn’t say anything.

"Uh hi ..Harry." I say looking down.

"Hey, so you ready to go?" he asks me grabbing my hand. His touch, had to be the nicest things I’v ever felt. And I was momentarily distracted. "Celine?" Harry says laughing. 

"oh um yeah lets go" and then we were off to …I didn’t even know.

After 10 minutes in the car with him I finally ask, “So where are exactly are you taking me?” 

He looks at me and smiles, “its a surpirse” 

"Great," I say, "i love getting randomly murdered" and at this he laughs. 

And there was another thing that I fell for, his laugh was the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. 

After another 20 minutes of driving we get to a dock where there was a boat completely lit up by lights.

"Is that yours?!" I ask him

"Yes mam it is" he says and he grabs me from out of the car and pulls me toward the boat. 

On the boat they’re is a table set for two with food on the plates. 

"I thought this would be an ideal first date ..you know, romantic boat ride in the night" he says turning towards me.

"Harry this is beautiful," I say still looking at the boat and then I turn towards him, "It’s perfect." And we’re just standing there staring at each other. Harry’s first to break the eye contact. 

"Right well then, let’s go eat." he says and starts to pull me onto the boat. I notice that there is someone else on the boat who starts to drive it. 

Twenty minutes past of Harry and I just talking and laughing at each other’s jokes and enjoying each others company. He definitely was different then other guys. 

"So Celine, would you say this date was A+?" he asks me while we’re sitting at the edge of the boat.

I start to laugh “Hahaha, yes Harry, It’s definitely A+” and then I turn to face the water. 

"Celine, I won’t be here for long but I’m telling you…I want to spend as many days as possible with you. You’re…your’re different and fun. …your not like others girls at all and…." he says but then he puts his hand of my face and pulls it towards his and the next thing I know we’re kissing. 

He pulls apart and looks into my eyes, “and..I like you alot” 

Me of course, being the dumby I am, can’t say a word so I smile back at him and lean in again for another kiss which he happily is submissive too.

"Definitely…best first date of my life." I say to him. 

We spent the rest of the night just sitting with each other and cuddling, talking about something and nothing. Enjoying each other. And I was definitely enjoying this.


Oneshot for having-endless-fun I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! sorry if it’s not so good! It’s really late haha <33333

A one shot for Michaela :)

As I walked into my flat I could smell the scent of pine coming off of the new Christmas tree Harry and I just bought. It was going to be our first Christmas together and every time I thought of it my heart melted. Harry Styles, how did I get so lucky to be his? I always think of the day he picked me, out of the bunch of screaming fans at their signing, to talk to. That conversation lasted only 10 minutes seeing as he had other fans to attend to. But he had asked for my number and I happily gave it over, along with my heart. Since then its been perfect..sort of. But I couldn’t imagine being with anybody else now. And I hoped he thought the same. 

I put down the bags of decorations I bought down and took out my phone to call Harry.

"Hello?" he said loudly trying to speak over the other boys. "HI MICHAELA!!!" I heard them scream. 

I just laughed, “Haha, Hi Guys!… So what time are you coming home tonight?”  I asked him. I honestly didn’t want to hear his answer. He’d been coming home later each night for the past two weeks and we haven’t been able to spend alot of time together. 

"Sorry babe..but it’s going to be another late night." he said to me and I just replied as if everything was okay.

"That’s fine. I was hoping to start decoration the tree tonight but I guess not."

"Michaela I’m sorry. Go ahead and start decorating the tree without me, I’ll try to get out of here as early as possible. Okay?" he said

I just said “Okay” and hung up the phone with no good bye. I know I shouldn’t get mad because that’s his job, what he loves to do. But…I missed spending time with the guy I was head over heals with from the very beginning. The guy who always made me laugh no matter the situation and tolerated my jokes and the guy who would pick me up to kiss and then spin around as if the whole world was just us too…I just miss Harry.

I thought maybe if I started to decorate the tree I could take my mind off this and just enjoy the spirit of the holidays. The last thing I wanted to do was break down. So, I unpacked the decorations and lay them down on the couch.

Twenty minutes past with half the tree done when I heard a knock at the door. I only had a tank top on so I quickly put on a sweater and opened the door. Nobody was there.

"Hello?" I said as I looked down the hall. No response. "Very funny" I said as I went to shut the door but then I stopped when I saw a note on the door. 

Come outside. 

…What? And then I recognized the handwriting,…. it was Harry’s. Butterflies started to flutter in my stomach and I ran down the hall and down the stairs completely forgetting to put on jacket and ignoring the fact that it was snowing outside. 

When I got outside no one was there. I was completely freezing my ass of and he wasn’t even out here?! I turned around to go back inside when I ran right into him. 

It didn’t even matter to me, not the cold, the snow, nothing at all right then. We just stood there, staring at each other and smiling like a bunch of love struck idiots. 

"Hello" he said smiling.

"Hi" I replied. "Listen, I’m sorry for hanging up on you" I started to say but he stopped me.

"Michaela, I’m sorry. I should be the one apologizing. I know I’ve been gone alot lately and I’m sorry I seemed to be drifting away..but i’m not. I promise Michaela things are going to change." he said to me. He said it so seriously though I kind of got worried. 

"Harry, …what’s going on?" and he then laughed at how scared my face looked. 

And then he touched my face and got serious again, ” I love your hair…the way it falls when you take it out of your hair band….or the way it looks when you wake up in the morning. And your eyes, the way they gleam when ever you see something beautiful in the world…or the way they look when your looking at me. I’ve always waited to see that look in a girls eyes for a while..and then I found you Michaela.” and then he smiled…..and got down on one knee.

"Harry…" I said putting my hand to my mouth.

"Michaela, please shut up and let me finish" he said laughing but I just stood there still looking like and idiot, so I just nodded my head.

"Thank you" he said and smiled, "I knew you were something special the day we first met, the day you caught my eye out of everyone else. You’ve got that one thing that I’ve always been searching for. And….I never want to let that go…So love, will you marry the man who is hopelessly head over heals for you ?" he asked me in that big cheesy smile I loved SO much. And then he opened a box that carried the most beautiful ring I’v ever seen in my entire life. It wasn’t too big or too small, it was just…. perfect.

"Now love, understand it’s okay if you say no because you know I’ve always got Louis and I’m pretty su-" he started to say until I smacked his shoulder and started to laugh.

"Oh shut up, haha" I said to him and then I pulled him up from the ground and looked up into his beautiful eyes and said "Of course I will" and then he just kissed me like he’s never kissed me before. I could feel the passion in it and I knew then that I never wanted to let him go. He was mine and I was his. We must have just been standing there for a while kissing each other like the whole world was ending.

But then Harry pulled away from me and just smiled and right then he looked at me in a way that he’s never looked at me before. A look that clearly said…I’ve won. 


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